Thursday, August 6, 2020

Discussion on Ti-Pitaka

While going on Ti-Pitaka and its associate literature, so many things, contents/theories appear against Buddha’s Basic Teaching. But-

1.      There are authorities, who have translated so many  T-Pitaka granthas(Buddhis scripture) from  Pali to English/Hindi are against on this view. They say; What is written in Ti-Pitaka is Buddha-Vachana(Buddha’s Teaching), we have no authority to comments on that.

2.      Goyanka Vipassana centre Igatpuri has digitized the whole Ti-Pitaka. That institution and dignitaries attached with it, too has the similar view.

3.      There is a deep silence (say, mass resistance) in Buddhists and Ambedkarites people.

4.      But, Buddha, himself (e. g. Kesa Mutti sutta) and Dr. Ambedkar(Preface:Buddha and His Dhamma) both farward this discussion.

5.      Our Institution(IPST) is firm that The Buddha-Vachana and what is being teach in name of Buddha-Vachana be studied and discussed.

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