Friday, February 8, 2013

Mysore Visit

13th Jan 13 -Knowingly/unknowingly, it was the Day of 13th Jan 13, when we were at Mysore.

 During Bangalore stay, Rahul; my elder son had a plan of Ooty visit as he had intimated us. However, it had to be changed slightly later due to his business on next morning.

Taxi was already booked. But, at the time of start, another taxi had to be called as our members were increased. But, it delayed our start time. We could start on 1.30 PM. Mr. and Mrs. R. Mina,  (Rahul's friend) were with us with their two kids.

Taking Bangalore-Mysore High Way, we reached first Bird Sanctury.

Ranganathittu  Bird Sanctuary -
It is 140 Km away from Bangalore and 20 Km from Mysore. It is just 3 Km off the Bangalore-Mysore Highway. Towards Mysore, it is on right side, just a little before Shrirangapatanam.

As you left Highway and turn towards Park, there is a Sign Board having map of Park.
As you enter the Park, you see neatly maintained landscape, tiled pavement to walk.The park is well maintained. Lot of benches are there on place to place to sit and relax.

The Sanctuary consist of the series of islands formed by backwater of a nearby Krishnaraj Sagar Dam. The Sanctuary is developed on vast island on the river Cauvery and is spread over an area of approx 40 acres.

Thousand and thousand of bird having different varieties you may view there sitting on water, rocks or on trees. Painted storks, different types of Herons, egrets, cormorants, Cranes, Pelicans can be seen here and there. The Visitors can take photographs easily without birds moving away.

The Sanctuary is a Birds watchers Paradise. Serious birds watcher/researcher  may spend number of days here on their projects.

The entire place is well maintained and pleasure to visit. Dens bamboo groves attract the visitors here and there.

The main attraction is of coarse the boating. The boatmen manually rowed the boats without disturbing the bird. The boating trip is nice. You can enjoy having slow ride along the river viewing different varieties of bird. A hotel is there to take lunch. A refreshing room is also there with paid service.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctury is the nesting and breeding place for the thousands of birds species. The migratory birds of different flocks from Siberia, North America and Australia etc came here in December and after breeding they migrate back with their nestling in August every year.

While we were heading towards Mysore Palace, one shining tall historical building stopped our cab. And it was famous St. Philomena Church.

St. Philomena Church -

 It is about 200 years old church, built in 1956. It is a major tourist attraction. It is 3 KM away from city Bus stand and 2 KM away from Mysore Palace.

The church has the relic of the 3rd century St. Philomena. She was a young Greek martyred princes in the 4th century. St Philomena was the only child of her parent in a small city of Greece. When she was 13, Rome Emperor expressed to marry with her but she refused. The Rome Emperor tortured her and behead. Later, she was given sainthood.

The church is built in the Neo-Gothic style. It is one of the majestic beautiful church among largest churches in India. It is seen miles around making it a distinctive land mark in the city.

Mysore Palace -
LEELA PALACE SIDE ENTRYThe Palace of Mysore is a official residence of the Wodeyar, the royal family of Mysore. This family is still living in a portion of Palace. The Palace is surrounded by a large garden.

The Mysore Palace is now converted into a museum.The Palace is a treasure house of souvenirs, paintings, jewelry  royal costumes and other items, which were once possessed by the royal family. It's a Kaleidoscope of stained glass and mirrors. The marvelously decorated  and intricately carved doors open into luxurious rooms. The ground floor with an enclosed courtyard display costumes, musical instruments, children toys and numerous portraits.

The upper floor has collection of weapons. The beautifully carved mahogany ceiling, solid silver doors, white marble floors and superb columned Darbar Hall are a fest to the eyes. Exquisitely carved doors open into stunningly luxurious rooms.

The Mysore Palace is also known as Amba Vilas palace.The front of the Amba Vilas Palace has an open balcony supported by massive circular columns. The Royal portrait gallery  which is of historical importance, is a visual treat to the visitors. The three storied structure  has beautifully designed square towers at various cardinal points covered by domes.

The royal throne called Ratna Simahsana, has captivating artwork on its gold plates.The Maharaja of Mysore used to sit on this golden throne and hold Darbar.

The palace has also many Hindu temples in it's complex. Lord Shiva temple and Vishnu Temple are some of the famous among them.

The Royal Palace is illuminated during night is one of the enduring image of the city.

Laces of people daily made visit of this Palace but, photography is not allowed.Visitors may capture photos form outside of Palace.

Now, it was 7.00 PM. We left Palace and marched toward Brindavan Garden, the ahead visiting sight.

Brindavan Garden -
Since, main attraction of Brindavan Garden is light-music having show time 6.00 to 8.00 PM, therefore, visitors have to keep mind this timing. Otherwise, you may miss as we did!

The Brindavan Garden is the best illuminated terrace garden in India. It is major attraction of Mysore city. About 2 million tourists visit per year this garden. It lies adjoining the KRS Dam which is built across the river Kaveri. It is spread across the area of 60 Acres. There is also a lake within the garden with boating facilities.

The Brindavan Garden is a show garden that has a botanical park, with fountains, as well as boat rides beneath the Dam. It was built during 1927 to 1930.

The garden is laid out 3 terraces which contains water fountains. Ficus trees, foliage plants and flowering plants like Ceceliaq  Beautifully planted Marigold and Bougainvillea you may see there.

The main attraction of Brindavan garden is the Musical dancing. Fountain in which bursts of water are synchronized to the music of songs. The musical fountains  have a harmonic blend of water, colors and music.

There are also horticulture farms and nursery, fisheries and hydraulic research Station here. Lacs of people visit daily.
Now, it was 8.00 PM. Light were being turned off one by one to evacuate people from the Park.We could reach back to the entrance gate till 8.30 Hrs. Leaving the Brindavan Garden, we had dinner in a restuarant. just before Mysore city.