Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bangaluru visit

Bangalore,  the Silicon Valley of India may be one's dream to enjoy its privilege what it has got since lost 10 to 15 years. It's acquiring the status of a hub for information technology(IT) companies in India,  may be the inspiring example to Indian other big cities. I am not a IT engineer. But, you know, to be a father of IT's may be you make deserve to enjoy that privilege.

Now, it was my second opportunity to come here and enjoy its life, and that is too for a period of more than 15 days. It was the occasion of Viccky(Vikas Bagade), my younger sister' son marriage. His wedding on 1st Feb 2015 is to be held at Nagpur. There is one another marriage. Guddu (Hupendra Vaidya), my another younger sister's son. His marriage is on 12th Feb 2015 at Bhopal itself.
 At Mumbai Airport

Looking to both marriage dates, my elder son Rahul,  who is presently residing in Amsterdam; Netherlands, came India with my daughter-in-law and small sweetly baby Zoe on 12th Jan. His company's Branch office is at Bangalore also. So he managed to come here along with office work.

He asked us to come and join them till their Bangalore stay. Since, we had not met for a long period, we were very glade to find this opportunity and that is under cold wave of Bhopal. Bhopal, where we residing since 2 years  back, is under cold wave since Dec.

However, we should have to be in Bhopal during this period. Because it was happen to be a occasion of going two marriage in my own close relation. But, looking to choice, we opt to live with Zoe.You know, Zoe is so sweetly baby that we were no choice at all. We used to see her coquettes(Nakhare) in Skype, but time was with us now to squeezes her cheeks.
Rahul and Sonu on Gym

Looking to long distance travel, more then 24 Hrs, Rahul booked air tickets for us. The flight was Jet airways. You know, there is no direct flight from Bhopal to Bangalore. We have to come via Mumbai taking flight change time in Mumbai approx.2 Hrs.

Novotel hotel Gym
Tai(Prerana), my younger daughter is living in Mumbai. Her husband and in-laws are there. I called Tai at Mumbai Air port to meet her. But, due to lack of time, it could not be happened.

Ibis Hotel
It was about 21.30 Hrs (13 Jan 2015)when our flight touched Bangalore Air Port. My daughter-in-law Sonu was already on mobile. She informed me, Hotel IBIS is our staying place. We have to reach there. We took taxy and within 45 minutes, we were at  Hotel Ibis. My son Rahul, Sonu and the very sweetly baby Zoe was there to receive.
Swimming Pool in Novotel Hotel

I had already intimated Sonu, that there is no need of arranging dinner in that odd hours. At Bhopal, Pinki, my daughter-in-law had  asked us to take lunch properly as taking dinner may not be possible  being odd hours reaching at Bangalore.

But, as we boarded at Bhopal on15.45 Hrs, unexpectedly, the air hostage served tea and then lunch during only one and half hour flight. Even on Mumbai to Bangalore, again tea and dinner was served.
 IBIS Hotel  -Where is business, there is Ibis and Novotel Hotel Group, said may son Rahul.    

Taking Break-Fast in Novotel Hotel
Now, it was the turn of Ibis Hotel to facilitated us. Ibis is a luxurious Hotel. It is an ideal choice for business travelers. Ibis Hotel and Novotel Hotel are in same complex.
Zoe going to Baby's Swimming Pool
It is on the Sarjapur ORR(Outer Ring Road) in Bellandur. It lies just opposite of the Intel Campus, Accenture and other many corporate offices of IT companies. It is located within a short distance of Shopping Malls and Supermarkets. Central Mall is hardly 500 M away from it. In day time, these complex tall buildings may not be so attractive, but at night hours, one may be get stunned while passing through Out Ring Road. 

Zoe during Photo Suit in Novotel Hotel
Novotel Hotel is a five star Hotel. Rahul is there. His company  arranges all these things. Accenture's corporate offices are just opposite of this Novotel. Rahul as a senior executive, is in Accenture since 2-3 years back.

 As earlier said, Ibis hotel and Novotel hotel both are situated in same campus. May be their ownership same or other reason, but so many things are shared with them. Kitchen, Gym and swimming pool etc are common.

Rahul ordering for Pizza
Ibis Hotel room
Our room is on 5th floor in Ibis hotel whereas Rahul's room in Novotel hotel on 8th floor. He taken a room in Ibis hotel for us to facilitate Sonu and Zoe.

On the very first day,  morning, Rahul called me on gym. I did never go in gym. He pointed his finger towards my belly. He asked me to work-out on 'Cross Trainer'. I never ride on such machine to work-out. He asked me to take easy. I did what he asked at that time. But, I was reluctant,  as this facility was not easily available to me.

I used to go on jogging. Sometimes, I do some exercise also. But, to work-out on Cross Trainer, it was thrilling to me. On the next day morning, he again called me on that Cross Trainer. Somewhat, I was under pressure. Ratan, my wife was also insisting me to follow pointing her finger towards my belly.

After just one week, I found my belly is going inside. One day, while he was laying on the bed, he asked me about my email account. Surprisingly, he placed a buying order through Flipkart to purchase that Cross Trainer.
Pizza, the favorite dish of Rahul

Bowling in Amoeba
In Novotel hotel, there is neat and descent swimming pool on 1st floor,  suiting the Hotel's five star status along with the gym. Spy is also there connecting Swimming pool and 24/7 Gym. Zoe could not dare to go into swimming pool. However, there is baby swimming pool aside of the bigger one. Rahul used to go often into it. But, it appears odd to me to go for swimming just after work-out. While Rahul on swimming, we used to seat on long chairs, which are placed there to take rest.

In our India, so many executives of working class, are came-out to enjoy these facilities. Once, it was a dream of All India Services Executives e.g. IAS, IPS officers. But, now IIT's are came on floor. IT becomes the hub of heaven.
X Box with Kinetic motion sensing camera
Rahul on important task
Rahul, from the very beginning have extra-ordinary kind of telent. He did not go Kota as genius student did to boost up their caliber during Higher Secondary. He got selected in four IITs including BITs, Rurakee and Kanpur after 12th. At that time, some IITs were conducting common exam. and some their own.

Morning, 08 to 10 AM is the Break fast time. You may be asked about your room number while you are taking break fast. Adequate staff is there to help and take care. There are varieties of dishes in break fast Menu. So many foreigners may be seen in lift and dining hall. Therefore, of course varieties of international dishes are in their Menus. Kitchen have North and South Indian both varieties of delicious food. One can easily feel the three stars status of Kitchen. Corporate meeting facility is also there.

In Novotel Hotel, magnificent dining hall is decorated with royal suits and curtains. Chairs are high
Reception counter Novotel Hotel
quality and shining. Dressed staff is saluting you. You need not required to draw chair while seating. Take the plate and go to served yourself along the varieties of cuisine what you like.

In Ibis, Masala Dosa, Uttapamma, Bread butter,  Idali-Sambar, Samber-Bada, Upama, Fried rice, Noodles, Puri Sabji, Paratha-Sabji, Chola-Bhatura, Dahi-Bada, Bembino, Gajar Ka Halva, Khir, and fruits say;  Banana, Pappaya, Musk melon, Water melon, Pine apple, Salad like Gajar, Cucumber and drinks like Hot Milk, Apple and Orange juice with different  flavors. Boiled eggs, Omelet and mutton is also available for non-veges. Beverage offering is also there on charge.

But, let be frank, either five star or three star hotel, you can not compare it from what Pinki, my younger daughter-in-law cooked at Bhopal. Chapati and simple baghari(fried) daal is unmatched and unparallel.

Ibis Hotel room inner

Shower in Ibis Hotel room
Rooms are designed beautifully. They are fully air conditioned. If you want to open the window and take fresh air, you are not allowed. You have to run AC in summer as well as in winter.

The rooms accommodates 2 adults having queen size double bed keeping the relax mood of the stayed business officials. Wi-fi and land line connections both are provided to internate access. LCD TV is there for news and entertainment. In a big Almirah, small fridge and locker are there to keep cold drink and your valuables.

Room is completely sand wooden furnished with long wooden rack on window side to do laptop work.  You may seat on chair with high table lamp lighting. You may prepare tea or coffee seating on a mini sofa. Of course, tea, coffee, sugar and milk powder packets are kept in a tray.

In Novotel Hotel, rooms are bigger. Every room accessories are more royal nature. Wash basins are beautifully oval shape. Wash room is bigger having transparent partition. Big Glass window with three layer of curtains are in each room. A bigger almirha having selves and hangers placed along the main door. Mini bar with beverage and cold drinks is placed in each room. It is routinely checked and updated day to day. Iron press with folding table is in each room while, it is placed in common area in Ibis Hotel.

Light arrangement is descent and noticeable. It comes indirectly to you,  either from back side of a wooden plate, fixed on the head side wall of your bed or from the upper wall-self. Either side, lamps are fixed on that wooden plate if needed while on bed. Smoke sensing and fire fighting system is in each room. 

Ibis Hotel room inner
Zoe in Baby Swimming pool
Bathroom is indeed glazing. Shower is descent. But, sorry, you can't wash your undergarments. And if you did this, you can't let them to warm. You can't spread them on lamp stand or else. In Novotel hotel, laundry facility is limited but, in Ibis hotel, no such facility is there. Go and take shower without undergarment; appears the theme of these international marks hotels. Room attendant leave 3 to 4 medium and big towels each day while cleaning. Room attendant service is better, and of course appreciated. Local telephone is there to ask receptionist any time.  

The reception is equipped with scanning system. Every time you have to pass through this with your luggage. In lift, upwards floors are accessible through 'Key-Card'. But, going down wards, no need of this Card. In Novotel Hotel, first floor which is equipped with gym and swimming pool, is accessible without Key-Card. Downwards Stairs are always there for emergency.

Room is accessible through  the same Key Card. Key and traditional lock are things of old days. Sweep Card and get entered in your room. Every room has a Card- pocket on the wall,  just after opening the  door. You have to put this Card into that Pocket. Power supply would not be available if you missed to put the Card into that Pocket. If your Key-Card is not working, ask the receptionist to activate.

Panchvati Restaurant
Rahul friend's Mahindra XUV 500
On 16th Jan. we took dinner in Panchvati Restaurant. It is in Central Mall, walking distance from Novotel hotel. You may taste the Rajasthani as well as Gujarati foods here.

The food is served on Thali based. The courtesy and style they served is impressive. When you seat, your table have Thalis with full of empty steel bowls. Then, the ordered food comes one by one on your Thali. It appears somewhat different. Indeed, each items were tasty.

Babies attraction in Amoeba
On  17th Jan. it was Queen Restaurant. It is Panjabi taste restaurant. You may enjoy Makke Ki Roti with Sarso Ki Saga here. Other North and South cuisines are also served.

The inner decoration and wall brings you in a Panjabi village house having dim Lantern light. Mud texture wall with art and log false ceiling give you indeed,  the look of a typical Panjabi village home.

Suit choice of Rahul
It is in Church Street just along Amoeba, Java City. Cozy little table and accommodate may you feel  discomfort. Service is better and prompt.

Bakasur Restaurant- As name appears, it is for those who like to eat,  what Rahul's friend told me.
Bakasur Restarent  Bangalore
It is located near Central Mall, Outer Ring Road Bellandur. The Hall decoration is indeed, magnificent. Seating arrangement is also impressive.
On 18 Jan 2015, we took dinner at this restaurant. There are more than hundred varieties of items having North and south dishes. Restaurant have buffet system. Take plate and brings varieties of stuff what you like. You may again,  visit with the vision of self service.

On 25th Jan, we had gone towards Brigade Road. Rahul purchased a mobile; Samsung Galaxy core prime(DUOS) Mobile for me. Before coming to Bangalore, I had asked him to give me some new one. Earlier, in 2012 Tai, my daughter had given me a mobile. That was Nokia set. But, you see, IT technology is going to change so fast that if you do not gone with the new one, you would be the thing of past. 

It was around 2002, when I had purchased a Reliance mobile. It was Rim Set with a cost Rs. 5, 600/- It was the new thing in that era. But, within few years, it become old. Similarly, around 1988, I had purchase color ONIDA TV. It was Core Model. But, shortly I found that it is old. There were more than 200 channels at our door but that ONIDA had only 12 channels inbuilt.

The IT technology in particular,  is going to change with the speed of Bullet train. You have purchase new one. No matter, on what cost. In fact, this is the reason why the IT sector is going to develop so fast.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Buddhist Monasteries in Bodhgaya

Budhagaya is a sanctuary for a different Buddhist cultures, across
the world. Several Buddhist temples and monasteries are there
belonging to Bhutan, China, Japan, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Tibet and Vietnam in a wide area around Mahabodhi Mahavihar.

These temples and monasteries reflects the architecture style, exterior and interior decoration of their respective countries.You may wonder at the mind-boggling endless creativity of presenting a uniform set of philosophical and religious tenets.

These monasteries also have guest houses for monks and visitor.

 If we recall the history, Shri-Lanka was the first country who had established a monastery(Sangharam) in Bodhgaya during the the Empire of Samudragupt(335-375). The monastery was established chiefly for the use of Singhalese monks who used to come to Bodhgaya for their worship. But,  then, there is vast blank till 19th century.

 Mahabodhi Monastery - The Mahabodhi Society of India was founded by Shri Lankan Buddhiist monk Anagarika Dhammapala in may 1891. in intention to restore the Buddhism in India. 

For this,  he founded the society's first Center at Bodhgaya and then at Sarnath, Sanchi, Lucknow, Orisa, New Delhi, Chennai, Ajmer, Bangulure etc.

Anagarika Dhammapala was the first Buddhist monk who made known the world Buddhist countries that their religious shrine at Bodhgaya is under Hindu Panda's grip.

Presently, Ven. Dr. D. Rewatha Thero is General Secretary of this Buddhist Organisation

Thai Monastery-
It was built by the King of Thailand in the 1956 to commemorate 2500th Buddha Jayanti on the request of Pt. Jawaharlal Neharu, the then Indian Prime Minister to strenthen the relation of two countries.

It is unique and only Thai temple in India. This belongs to Theravada school of thought.

This temple display the elegance of the Thai architecture. The temple is adorned with sloping and curved roof which is covered with golden tiles.

The temple insides are painted in gold all over. Beautiful carvings and paintings are in typical Thai style. A series of painting are attractive depicting the important events of Buddha's life.
A beautifully carved gigantic bronze statue of Buddha is enshrined in the hall. Their Website- www.watthaibuddhagaya.com.

Vien Giac Institute(Vietnamese Monastery)-

It is just behind of Kaalchakra Maidan. It was established in 2002. It belongs to Lin Tzi Zen Tradition.

The one pillar temple at the entrance represent the symbol of Vietnamese Buddhism.
A statue of Avalokitesvara is enshrined in the temple.

On the third floor, there is a prayer hall with the Buddha of three times 'Amitabha of the past, Sakyamuni of the present and Maitreya of the future. In the temple, there are the statues of Eighteen Arhatas also.

The monastery is beautiful having Vietnamese architecture and tradition. Temple inner walls are covered with finest arts

Bhutanese Monastery- It is one of the magnificent monastery in Bodhgaya. It is spread on vast area of land. Three Buddha statues of golden color, are enshrined inside of the temple. 

 The temple is beautifully decorated. It's ceiling and wall are artistically decorated with many colors.

The architect of the temple reflect Bhutanese culture and tradition. The inner walls of the temple is depicted the life of Lord Buddha in Clay Carving.

The monastery and its vast premises is very greenery and peaceful. Royal guest house is also in the premises.

In a double storied building at front,  along the entrance, Hundred and thousands 'Diyas'(small clay/brass  pot with cotton wick dipped in ghee)  are lit there. Indian Buddhist,  after Ambedkar conversion, does not celebrate Deepawali, though it appears Buddhist festival as illustrated in Buddhist scripture 'Ashokavadaan' and 'Mahavansha'.

Taiwan Monastery - This monastery is run by Taiwan World Chonghwa Buddhist Sangha. It is just behind the Chinese monastery. Taiwan has great impression of Chinese culture over its tradition. It has a guest house like the other monasteries.

Taiwan Monastery has a beautiful temple. Laughing Buddha statue is enshrined in sanctum along with two Guards one male and other female,  standing on either sides.

All three golden statues are splendidly placed in the temple. Outside in gallery, a Buddha statue in austerity posture is installed. Visitor may acknowledge the impressive Taiwan architecture while wandering the monastery.
   Laughing Buddha's inception is said,  to be belongs to Chinese tales and stories. However, this fat, bald and jolly character represents wealth and happiness but, it's connection with Lord Buddha, a symbol of Peace and Compassion; is a matter of research.

Nepali Temang Buddhist Monastery-  This monastery belongs to Mahayana School of thought.

It is just back side of All India Bhikkhus Monastery. Here,  we  had stayed during our Bodhgaya visit (Dec. 02 to 12, 2014).

Mr Kumar,  caretaker of the Monastery had showed his generosity and gave two rooms for us.

All India Bhikkhus Sangh Monastery-

This is Indian Monastery belongs to All India Bhikkhus Sangh.

A beautiful standing Buddha statue is in the premises of this monastery.

Daijokyo Buddhist temple - Daijokyo is a society of lay Buddhist in Japan. It was founded by Reverend Tatsuko Sugiyama  just 100 years ago, in 1914.

Diajokyo Japanese temple
Close  view of Diajokyo temple
Daijokyo temple is situated next to the Karamapa Monastery. It was established in 1983. The temple is a two storied building with a three storied  pagoda on the top.

Interior of the Daijokyo temple
This beautiful temple is
designed reflecting Japanese style of architecture .

The main statue of Buddha,  made of gold is enshrined inside the temple. It is in the meditation posture.

  Indosan Nipponji Japanese monastery (2)- This is another Japanese Buddhist temple in Bodhgaya. It was inaugurated in 1973. It's architecture is unique and reflect Japanese culture and tradition.

The temple inner walls are depicted the important life events of Buddha in very decorative with Japanese art.

(1) Karma Tharjay Chokhorling Tibetan Monastery- This is one of three Tibetan monasteries in Bodhgaya. Some countries have more than one sects of Buddhist traditions.This
belongs to Vajrayana Sect of tradition. It was established by Tibetan Buddhist monk Karma Tharjay Chokhorling.
Karma Tharjay monastery situated just beside of Daijokyo Japanese temple. This was opened some fifteen years ago.

The main building houses a temple with frescoes on the life of the Buddha painted. Another attached building provides residence quarters for monks and staying visitors. The monks study and perform rituals and prayers.

 It's  lively and exquisite design is remarkable. It is beautifully decorated inside and outside. The exterior features wonderful wall painting as does the inside depicting Buddha life. The Buddha statue is in golden color and very divine. The unique and intricate design of the door handle is beautiful.

Buddha Maitraya statue
(2) Tibetan Gandhen Phelgye Ling Monastery- This is second Tibetan monastery. It was built by Tibetan Buddhist monk Ven. Ngawang Samten in 1934.

It is a Buddhist Mahayana sect of Monastery. 'Tantra', 'Mantra' and 'Jantra' are taught to students here. In the monastery premises, a vast guest house is attached.

Buddha(Maitreya) statue is inside of temple along three complete sets of Buddha discourses. Maitreya is the forthcoming Buddha,  as believed.

A 'Dhammachakra-Wheel', very big size,  10 M high metal drum is enshrined inside of the temple. In the Mahayana thought of school, monk and lay may be see spinning this 'Mani Kholo'. Kholo mans Drum and Mani means 'Mantra'. While paying homage,  you have to spin this Dhammachakra Wheel atleatst 3 time, left to right. 

(3) Nyingma Shechen Monastery -This monastery was build by a
Chinese Buddhist monk Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche in 1996.

It belongs to Nyingma school of Buddhism in Tibet. 

The monastery comprises a beautiful Buddhist temple and a golden color Stupa.

The golden statue of Buddha is 200 years old and was brought from China.
There are residential quarters also there to live monks and other visitors. The monastery complex shares its boundery wall with the Chinese temple

Bangladesh Monastery -  It is on the main road located at Thai monastery. One can see the sitting Lord Buddha statue from a mile away.

Buddha is seated on a beautifully designed lotus flower. The rays comes from face of the Lord Buddha gives the visitor a massage of Peace and Compassion.

The hall of the temple is very impressive. Buddha statues in various pose are placed and decorated in such a way that visitor would have to sit there for a while.

To see a grant and magnificent Buddha statue in front of Bangaladesh monastery,  one could not think about what happened recently in that country. More than a dozen of Buddha statues/ temples are destroyed by Muslim vandalism after learning the posting by the presumed Buddhist.

Myanmar Buddhist monastery -This Burmese Buddhist monastery is unique in style and art. It reflect Burmese architecture and tradition. At the bank of river Neranjana, it was established by Ven.U. Nandoomala in 1936.
The monastery has two halls. Each hall have the magnificent statue of Lord Buddha.

Like other monasteries, it also have guest house. Visitors may stay there.

During visiting, you may find yourself here in a different spiritual environment.

Chinese Monastery- This monastery reflects Chinese architectural style of work. The gate is very unique, designed with lions sitting.

Three beautifully carved identical Buddha statues in sitting posture,  are enshrined in the hall.

The monastery was built by a Chinese Buddhist monk Sitingchen in 1945.

Great Buddha Statue -
 The great Buddha Statue, ('Daibustu' in Japanese) in meditation pose is installed on 18 Nov. 1989. The Daijokyo sect of Nagoyo Japanese Buddhism erected this great Buddha statue seated on lotus in open air.Tibetan Dhamma Guru Dalai Lama has inaugurated the statue on 18 Nov. 1989.

The statue is made of red granite and sandstone blocks.

The height of the statue is 82 feet having lotus of 6 feet and pedestal  10 feet. Around the main statue of Buddha, there are other ten standing statues of the great disciples of Lord Buddha in the premises. It took 7 years to complete the work.

Cambodian Buddhist monastery-
Cambodian temple at the entrance
This monastery is under construction as may be seen from this collected pic.

But, we have seen a beautiful Cambodian Buddhist temple,  just aside the entrance of Mahabodhi Vihara. This is small but very beautiful temple.

Cambodia is enriched with Buddhist art and tradition since the era of great Ashoka.

Dhamma Bodhi Inernational Vipassana center-

Dhamma Bodhi is the one of the Vipassana center in Bodhgaya. It was established by S. N. Goenka (1924-2013) around the world. Residential meditation courses are held here through out the year. Cells(quarters) are made with necessary facilities.

Goenka led Vipassana in India and abroad,  is so popular that, irrespective of caste and creed, people who raised somewhat above their poverty and pathetic social strata,  want to do this courses.

But, Rajshekhar, the editor of 'Dalit Voice' think somewhat otherwise. He is against Vipassana. He says,  'Every Indian dalit should have boiling blood to face inhumanities and discrimination, what they have been facing since long, but 'Vipassana made them cool.

Tergar Monastery -

This is a 3rd Tibetan monastery in Bodhgaya. It is in outskirt, approx. 30 Km away form Bodhgaya.

It was established by Mingyur Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist
monk in 2007. The aim of this monastery is to transform individual's suffering into joy through meditation.
Korean Monastery- Buddhism was spread in Korea during the begining of 4rth era.

Hotels and other Gueest Houses in Bodhgaya -
While wandering in Bodhgaya, we find numerous  Hotel and other guest houses naming ' Hotel Sujata', ' Hotel Nirnajana', 'Hotel Mahamaya Palace', 'Hotel Mahayana', 'Hotel Buddha International', 'Hotel Tathagata International', 'Hotel Bodhgaya Gautam'  'Rahul Guest House', 'Sambodhi Retreat' etc. of. having 2, 3 to 4 stars facilities.