Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Indian Tribes have to search their root

             In 1947,during the transfer of power,prominent indian leaders having their claims were going to made agreement.At this time, Gandhiji had signed 9 points agreement with Indian trible's leaders.As per this agreement, Gandhiji assured them that they are the original inhabitant of this country. Now, what's the status of this. Are they feeling the such status ?      
          The year 1993 was declared the international year of indigenous people.Debosis Chakravarti, a Indian representative told to UN that India has no such  indigenous people !
           During the 2nd round table conference,Dr Ambedkar had raised the issue and provision made in 5th & 6th schedule of Indian consitution about seperate and independed statehood  for tribes.Are these tribes feeling such statehood ? Or, is there any mischief with these tribes ? Where is the root of these tribes ?
           Every society have history.History have leaders who faught their cause.This history inspires people.People learn lesson from their history.They feel proud and cite these leaders while on talking. Is there such history of Tribes ? What is the history of Tribes ? Who are their leaders ?
           As known to every one, Eklavya is projected as the hero of Tribes.But, whether Eklavya is the hero of Tribes ? How he inspire to hisTribe's people ?
              History is not written by these tribes historians.It is fact that history is written by non-tribes historians.It is writen by different people in different period.It is not necessary that all written episodes/happenings are correct.The historical episodes require attention with respect to other related facts.That is why, History should not be read blindly.
            The second point is that history is written by different people having their own knowledge.The history always reflect the mind-set of writer.If writer is British,definitely his mind-set would be British coloniser verses defeated Indian.If writer is Hindu (Brihmn),his mind-set would not be free with caste supremacy.Even the history written by British historian is full of mischiefs what supplied by high caste Brahmin hindu.
             History has not written by Tribes people.It was written either by British people or Brahmin hindu.The mind-set of Brahmin hindu is well known towards indigenous people i.e.Dalit-aadivasi.In his cause, he can go to write that the Brahmins are so sacred that even god Rama has washed their feet.
           Brahmin historians never be generous to Dalit and Adivasi.The theme behind this, is to rule over these societies for long. And for this, they have to destroy the history & identities of these indigenous people.Generate hatred among them towards their leaders & history.Project their hero as their slaves.
               Eklavya,as we know the projected episode,has given his thumb to Brahmin guru.Indeed,he is a defeated man.How can a defeated man be a hero of Tribes? But, this is true.This is the concipiracy by which Brahmin ruled over indigenous people.In their religious scriptures (Puran and shashtra), they given Parvati to trible leader Shankara and enslaved him.They used the same trick to Vrattasura and all other indigenous leaders.
             In the 11th century,the first trible king was Sangramsingh in Jabalpur-Mandla region.Dalpatshah was his son. Dalpatshah was married with Durgavati.Dalpatshah died just after three years of his marriage.Brahmin play the same trick with Rani Durgavati. She surrendered her trible identity and became hindu Vaishnav Dharmi.Since then,tribles are going to search their root.
             Today,Baba Amte identified these tribles as Vanvasis.So many Asharam schools are being run to teach them that they are Vaishnav dharmi.Are tribe's intelectuals listening ?

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