Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Left Failure:a unfilling loss of Indian politics

           Now it is the Left, who is going see a non-Left chief minister in Writer's Building Kolkota .The red sun has been set in West Bengal.
     The situation is not healthy. Specially, when BJP having RSS agenda play its role in our Indian as a main opposion.Where religion has been deep rooted in people's heart. Left, who is expected to have anti pro-religious stand,should not be meted out of such a fate.
            What a fate of Left ! Left, who was inspired from Marxist Phylosophy and was supposed to have liberate the peasants  and workers from their serfdom, would be meted such a condition, no body had thought.
                 The uncalled fate was not random and accidentle. It took long time to have gripped and gulped fully.Left fellows were fully convergent that what was going on.But unfortunately, they could not do much more to stop party decimation.Pulling hand from UPA was the worst blow to paralysised it fully.

     It heppened consciously.But, how this heppened ?  It would always be a matter of discussion in Indian politics.

       The Left has admitted its failures and said the party would look for answers. But in a clear message to his critics, the CPI(M) top boss ruled out any change of leadership.
          "We'd never lost an election since 1977; defeat that we suffered is a source of major concern. We have to undergo a serious examination on how we lost so badly. People seemed to have made up their mind that they wanted change. There was a total unity of all anti-Left forces. We couldn't do much to recover ground after 2009," CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat told  in his interview.
         "We didn't sense people are going to turn out in such large numbers against us. We didn't see the three-time bigger mobilisation in the opposition camp," Karat said, adding "We continue to have problems in political, governmental and organisational weaknesses. There are weaknesses and failures. There has been accumulation of negative factors."
       Amid speculation that heads may roll in the Left, Karat said there is no leadership crisis in West Bengal. "In our party, we don't believe in guillotining heads. It's about collective responsibility. No individual will be blamed. Left parties took a collective decision on the pullout from UPA II. If they're reviewing it, I don't know about it. Electoral success or defeat will not determine our party leadership," he said.
Jyoti Basu              Karat says, People seemed to have made up their mind that they wanted change.This is the flat statement.Instead, people had been fad up badly with Left and their phylosophy.If you have ruled 34 years long contineously in a state and say, people seemed to have made up their mind to change; totally flat and un-responsible statement.
               Left has stayed in power due to its revolutionary labour attitude.It was the Left who have tried to covert Indian caste war into class struggle on some extent. It was Left, who had first passed Land Reform Bill. It was Left who has invalidates binding Code of Conduct upon state government employees. It was Left who has granted the trade union rights to their state govt employees, including the right to call and observe strikes.It was Left who had formed country's first ever state level Human rights commission.It was the very Left who fought with Naxalite and brought peace in West Bengal after their violent uprising
          But why then, even taking such revolutionary steps,Left has lost its credential on Indian politics.Or wether they were unable to understand Karl Marx and his Das Kapital in Indian contex. ?
File:Yechuri 1.JPG         The Left could not learn a lesson from public ire on land acquisition at Nandigram.The Left was unable to sense their lacunas at Singur .On the other hand, Mamata Banerji sailing its boat either on the back of BJP or Congess  at centre was going to push the every Left's lucana on Indian politics screen.Even up to June 2010 Lok Sabha and Panchayat election, Left could not understand the political bewilderment.
    Some critic say, Left had borrowed half baked Marxist ideology.They were unable to understand it in term of Indian soil.
   The dream of Left to bring all peasant and workers under a carpet of Red flag would be unfilled.

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