Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Den Haag;The city of International Peace

Den Haag
The Hague (Dutch: Den Haag) is the third largest city in the Netherlands, after Amsterdam and Rotterdam, with a population of 4,85,818 and an area of approximately 100 km². It is located in the west of the Netherlands.
Peace Palace
The Hague is the seat of the Dutch parliament, government and Royal Court. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands lives and works in The Hague. All foreign embassies and government ministries are located in the city, as well as the Hoge Raad der Nederlanden (Supreme Court), the Raad van State (Council of State) and many lobbying organizations.
The Hague is also the seat of over 150 international organizations, including the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. It is one of the major cities of the UN, along with New York and Geneva. 
City life concentrates around the Hofvijver and the Binnenhof, where the Parliament is located.The city has many civil servants and diplomats. In fact, the number and variety of foreign residents (especially the expatriates) makes the city quite culturally diverse, with many foreign pubs, shops and cultural events.
The Hague is the largest Dutch city on the North Sea and includes two distinct beach resorts. The main beach resort Scheveningen, in the northwestern part of the city, is a popular destination for tourists as well as for inhabitants. With 10 million visitors a year, it is the most popular beach town in the Benelux. Kijkduin, in the southwest, is The Hague's other beach resort. It is significantly smaller and attracts mainly local residents.
 In World War II a large part of western The Hague was destroyed by the Germans. But afterwards,it was well  planned and renewed with modernist architecture design.
The Indian movie Hum Tum directed by Kunal Kohli was filmed here in 2004.
Public transport
 Public transport in the Hauge consist of a Tram and Bus routes.A regional rail system connects The Hague to nearby cities Zoetermeer and Rotterdam.There are two main train stations in The Hague: Den Haag Hollands Spoor (HS) and Den Haag Centraal Station (CS), only 1.5 km distant from each other.The international Benelux trains to Brussels is connected to only at Hollands Spoor. Centraal Station does, however, offer good connections with the rest of the country, with direct services to most major cities, for instance Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht.
The Hague shares an airport with Rotterdam. It can be reached from Central Station by regional Rail Line with an Airport Shuttle to and from Meijersplein Station. However, with several direct trains per hour are there from the railway stations Hollands Spoor and Centraal. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is more frequently used by people travelling to and from The Hague by air.

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