Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sea beach of Amsterdam

Sea Beach-

Zandvoort and Bloemendaal -
Hollend is known for its sea beaches.The whole west coast of the Netherlands is a single long beach.Many visitors like to spend a warm summer’s day on the sandy sea beach.Being a cold region, Amsterdammers, whenever sun shine, go to sea beach for their enjoyment.
The Zandvoort and Bloemendaal are popular sea beach.You can go there by train or bus.The nearest Zandvoort beach is half an hour journey by train from centraal station.But,you have to change at Haarlem. The Zandvoort is more families while Bloemendaal sea is more for youth.Every Sunday afternoon the beach transforms into an open-air club. Various DJs get everyone dancing

Ijburg- It is another type of sea beach. It consist of 6 artificial islands built in the IJ Lake. As Ijburg is contructed on Lake, vast bridge network is there.
I had heard so much about Hollend sea beaches.One day, as suggested my son Rahul we had there by catching Bus No 66 from Baijlmer Arena.It is half an hour trip.However, we were new, but we had no problem.We wender along the sea looking people enjoying with their children on sand and water.We come back 6.00 PM.

In Hollend,our next visit of sea beach was Scheveningen.The Hague is the largest Dutch city on the North Sea and includes two distinct beach resorts. The main beach resort Scheveningen, in the northwestern part of the city, is a popular destination for tourists as well as for inhabitants. With 10 million visitors a year, it is the most popular beach town in the Benelux.
      The beach is long and wide making it easy to find nice spot to set up camp even amongst the crowds.There are lifeguards so petrol and keep people out of deep water.But in most places there were lot of swimmers young and old.

The main part of the beach is quite busy during summer, as it’s one of the main recreation areas in South Holland. The nudist beach is about 1 kilometer north of the main beach.There are two pavilions in this area where you can buy food and drink. You can easily take a train from Amsterdam to Den Haag, and then one of several trams from the Centraal Station in Den Haag right to Scheveningen beach.
lighthouse tower-
   There is a lighthouse tower used in older time, as navigattion for maritime pilots at sea waterway.An esplanade is there also. It is a long,open level area to a river/ large body of water, where people may walk for recreational purpose whatever state of tide on beach.

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