Monday, June 27, 2011

Why Anna Hazare doesn't start fast-un-to death against Hindu caste system ?

The India is cursed from the age-old Hindu caste system. But, no body come in front to start their fast unto death against it.

During British rule,Mahatma Gandhi made lot of natak to befool dalit.Had he show some-what inclination, the present scene would have been diffrent.

No doubt,the fight against curruption is a great deal to tackle urgently, but it doesn't mean that caste discrimination has no war footings.In fact,it is the caste virus which forced the caste Hindu to live in double standard which is the cause of corruption.

The Hindu society does not support for inherent high social values and morality.If some one is moral, it is due to his long detachment with traditional Hindu culture.

It is the Hindu religious scriptures which not only permit the social corruption but also, they spread it in the society with partiality and hatred.

Indian Media and so called Gandhians proclaim that they lead the moral cleaning drive but  what about caste hatred ?

Indians hyporites continuing to support their Hypocrite leaders who don't have gutts in knowing why Cow urine is sprinkled in public offices just to clean the touch of a Dalit Officer?

Fighting against caste virus is first object towards making India pride and more democratic.

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