Sunday, September 20, 2020

IPF Trust Registration

 CA Deeppak, MP Nagar  Bhopal,                                                                                                                                              Namaste Uncleji

As per discussion

Society >> need to File annual returns every year to Registrar of Societies in addition to income tax

Trust >> Only file Income Tax

We will go ahead with trust due to operational ease.



1. Trust name is 'International Pali Foundation'(IPF).

2. It is academic Body.

3. To promote Pali is it's Objective.

3. We have other state's Members also.

4. It's 'Work area' shall be All India.

5. We want to register it, pl help us. Whatever the charges, we will  pay.

Copy to- IPF Group

21. 09. 2020

1. Today, we have seen the land for IPF project.

2. . It is about 5 acres near ABP Hindi University.

3. The site is hardly 2-1/2 km away from Bhopal-Sanchi Road.

4. The cost shall be 25+5= 30 Lacs approx.

5. The land cost shall be incurred by Trustee Members

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