Monday, September 24, 2012

Buddhist Temple (Combodian) New Delhi

During stay at Gurgaon (New Delhi), I was in search of some Buddhist temples/ Viharas . Dr. Hemlata Mahiwshar who is presently residing in Delhi told me that while travelling via Metro, near Chhatarpur Metro stn, she had seen Buddhist Flage on a temple and hence, there must be a Buddhist Shrine. I noted this and decided to make a visit. Dr. Hemlata Mahishwar is Professor in Hindi Dept. at Jamia Milia Islamia University.
This Saturday, we decided to visit this place with my wife and my daughter Prerana. She is currently working in IATA. 

We reached at site at about 10.50 am. From outside, we were unable to identified the said temple as the Buddhist Shrine, being completely unknown with Cambodia architect. When we entered the gate, one young  man made queries. Even knowing that we are Buddhist, he was somewhat non co-operative. The Indian people to whom the foreign authorities kept as watch dog, try to be fool their Indian brothers. These watch dogs usually bestowed their head to only foreigners.

Within 10 minute, One Bhante came from his room with excuse. His heartly smile vaporized all the suspicions from the air.We greeted him in our traditional way, and followed him inside the temple.

Khiev Samavg, Ven. Bhante introduced himself. He belongs to Cambodia. This Buddhist Monastery was eshtablished in 1994 by Ven. Isi Maha Praserth Eka Panyo. The managment of these Monasteries within and outside of India are done by 'Khmer Buddhist community' from around the world.

Buddhism is deep rooted in Cambodian people since 5th century.  It is said that missionaries of King Ashoka introduced Buddhism in the Southeast Asia in the 3rd century BC.During the period of king  Rudravaraman, Buddhism was spreaded through 'Mahayan Thoughts of School' .Suryavarman( 1002-1050) and Jayavarman (1181-1215) were great devout Buddhist kings.After the 13th century, 'Thervada thoughts of School' became the way of life of the Cambodia people. At present, about 95% Cambodian people are the follower of Buddhism.

At about 13.00 Hrs, we thanks Ven Bhante ji and make good by. Indeed, Bhante were so kind and generous that we assured him to make frequent visit.
Address for communication - 
 Cambodian Buddhist Monastery
25, Andheria More : Mehrauli
Chhatarpur, New Delhi 110030


  1. It is very informative as a thirsty man who met the water. So thank you very much. I have this address I will visit there during my stay in New Delhi.

  2. I have been staying here in New Delhi for 3 yrs, but never visited there though i have seen it from the metro while travelling towards MG Road metro.

  3. I have been living in New Delhi for 3 yrs. but i didnt know it is a Buddhist Vihar.though i have seen it while travelling towards gurgaon.

  4. thanks for giving the details. Is there any Monastry near C R Park

  5. hey thanks for this one.Really great to get this one on Buddha Purnima.

  6. Hi, can anyone please tell me how I go there?

  7. After reading information I got doubt, do non Buddhist are allowed to enter ??

  8. Hello, iam Indian Hindhu. Do can I enter this Bihar, if yes leave a replay

  9. but why Buddhist shrine is not welcoming the visitors. Same thing happened when I visited Soka Bodhi Garden near Manesar. We were not allowed entry by security guard. I have never seen security guard in any of Buddhist places I visited. thanks

  10. I couldn't locate this monastery...:(..Please share me timings when these monasteries are open

  11. I want to know about Buddhism...
    Please suggest ways...

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