Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mahabodhi Temple should be under Buddhist/Ambedkarite?

Mr. Nitish Kumar, honorable chief minister of Bihar must answer please-

-If all religious Shrines are under control of their followers then, why the world famous Buddhist shrine in Bodh Gaya is still under control of Hindus?
-The temple managing authority is under control of Hindus since long ago, is it a proper base to   continue the situation?
- How the very same enemies who uprooted Buddhism from its birth place can be the guard and protector of the Buddhist Shrine?
Why the then Laloo pd Yadav Govt and presently, Nitish Kumar Govt are unable to change the status quo of the management committee of the Bodh Gaya Mahabodhi temple? Or it doesn’t mean that changing CM is no solution to change the government i.e. the  mentality of working establishment having top brasses of Sharma,Verma, Trivedi-Chaturvedi?
– If state and Indian Govt Government are unable to change the status quo then, why should not the issue be taken out on international forum?
-Dr Ambedkar have once again rooted the Bodhi tree after the great Ashoka. And hence, the management of the Mahabodhi temple should be hand over to Ambedkarites.

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