Thursday, July 18, 2013

The New Beggars

      The New Beggars
        (A anti mid-day meal campaign)

Kids beggars in a street corner.. ?
Kids beggars in front of a temple.. ?

No, these are kids taking mid-day meal in government schools !

 Are you shocked to see this? This is the bitter facts brought by Dr Anand.
That is why, we called them Beggars.
Approx. twelve millions children of lower castes are being trained as beggars.
These children are mostly from SCs/STs and OBCs.

Dr Anand made a deep serve. That is why, he started a campaign against this mid-day meal policy.
Dr Anand: MBBS, MS(Ophthalmology) committed to remain unmarried to the cause of the society
He is a pioneer of social movements on several fronts. Anti mid-day campaign is one of them.
What is Mid-day meal ?
Hon'ble Supreme court asked central government that what steps are taken towards Art 14 where provision is made 50 years ago to give compulsory education, children aging 6 to 14 years.

Government had no answer.
Giving assurance to Hon'ble Supreme Court, Central government made study/serve and introduced Mid-day meal Scheme to increase the enrollment in primary/middle schools.

The Mid-day Meal Scheme was introduced step by step.Three Kg wheat and rice were distributed first time during 1995-2002.Then Dalia and Khichadi were distributed during 2002-04. And, this Mid-day Meal Scheme came from 2007.

No counter check -

But as such, there was no intention/commitment to educate them. Also, there was no counter-check, whether the mid-day meal is being utilized for their education or not ?

Central government was only well wisher to put the submission to Hon'ble court. That is why, mid-day meal scheme is failed badly.
Ugly aspect of this scheme -Teachers/staff round O' clock busy to manage Mid-day Meal instead to teach the kids.Even teachers, teaches there are not sending their own kids in these schools.

 Beggars training Centers -
Local news papers are publishing daily news having found IIlies, dead chhipkalies,and dead rats/snacks etc in kids Mid-day Meal. In spite of staff busy round O'clock, mid day meal is served to these school kids as Beggars. In fact, Government. schools have been formed as centers to trained these kids as Beggars.

Comparative study;
Mid-day meal schools                          Vs     Non mid-day meal schools
Teachers busy in mid day meal               /       Teachers busy in teaching only.
Mid day meal is served in schools         /        Tiffin boxs are brought from their home.
85% kids belongs to lower castes          /       85% kids from upper castes.
15% pass out kids goes for higher study   /     100% kids goes for higher study

Shiksha Vahan:  Dr Anand under this serve, visited several schools. A Shiksha Vahan is made ready to bringing awareness. A campaign was started through vehicle. Dr Anand went in street to street to take views of public.He brought the bitter facts of Mid-day Meal in public. People raised their hands in support of Dr Anand to stop Mid-day Meal.

Schools Serve -
Dr Anand made serve of many schools. One event such, he said-
this may be the fate of your own kids ?

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