Monday, July 6, 2020


1. Buddha completely rejected 'Brhma' and its theory.
2. Dr. Ambedkar also rejected it.
3. But, in Ti-Pitaka, Suttas and Verses are mentioning Brhma in various ways.
4. It shows clearly infiltration in Buddha' Teaching.
5. As the Buddhism spread in other countries, it mixed with their, then prevailing culture. Today, what we see there, that is mixed culture.
6. After Ambedkar Conversion, that culture with its associate literature came in India.
7. We Buddhist, take Ti-Saran with Panch/Attha Seela daily.
8. In Attha(Uposath) Seela, we take 'abrahmacariya'(a-brahma-cariya) Veramani, Sikkha Padan Samadiyami".
9. Does word "a-brahma-cariya" right ? Does it reflect Buddhist Culture ? Should  it be part of 'Buddha' Teaching' ? Does 'Brahma' word itself meaning full ? Shouldn't each word of 'Buddha-Vandana' be meaning full, having Buddha Teaching's gravity ?

10. In fact, this is a Brahmin supremacy which control our mind and body. There are thousand of such words which dealt our life. We can not think against them. We can not revolt against them.

11. In 'Buddha's Teaching' specially while Ti-Pitaka was rewritten in Sanskrit, they succeeded to put their 'Brhma term and culture' here and there. Unfortunately, This 'sanskrisation' have been going on since Buddha's time. there are evidences for this.

12. By this supremacy, they not only 'brahmanised' our life but our history also. They named Asoka script as Brahmilipi. How can we say that this is 'Dhammlipi' as written by Asoka himself  ?

13. Buddha, himself said, if something is not meaning full/relevant with time, it must be changed.

14. Prof. Vimalkirti Nagpur, the Pali/Buddhist authority advocates it. We discussed it in wide perspective and agreed for such innovative step.

15. Keeping in mind all concern, and having responsibility to go ahead to restate the Buddha-Sasana, We, in our recent published work 'Dhamma-Parittan'(Samyaka Prakashan Delhi) have suggested some Buddhist word in place of them. We don't say to replace them but we have to think on this.

16. In the discussed Seela, we suggested 'Sadhu' word for that. This is meaning full. 'Sadhu-cariya' is meaning full. 'asadhu'-cariya veramani, sikkha padan samadiyami" is meaning full.

Please don't get irritated against 'change'. Change is life. Change is nature. Student of Ambedkar thought's of School' must take note of this. 

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