Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Two Thought's of School.

In India, at Present, there are two thought's of School-
1. Ambedkar Thought's of School.
2. Goyanka Thought's of School.

1. Ambedkar Thought's of School-  
i. Buddha is 'human being'.
    'Buddha-Charita' may be questioned.
ii. Buddhism was a 'Social revolution' against 'Brahmnism'.
iii. Conversion is meant a 'Change'. A change in 'Social values'.
iv. 22 Pledges are core issue of this Thought.

Goyanka Thought's of School-
i. Buddha is above 'human being'.
   The Buddha-Charit like 'Lalitvistara'. 
   No question on 'Buddh-Charita' or 'Buddhavachana'.
ii. There are series of 'Cold storage  centers'(Vipassana Centres to kill Ambedkar Thoughts.
iii. 'Social change' is no issue here. Rather, Buddhism is personnel.
iv. No talk of 22 Plagdes or 'Jay Bheem'.

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