Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Whether the praise of 'Indra', 'Brhma' be continue ?

Whether the praise of 'Indra', 'Brhma' be continue ?
1. In Buddha Viharas, We Buddhists, recites 'Buddha Vandana' and other 'Mangal Gathas' daily.
2. In this Recitation, we praise Indra, Brhma and others Devatas including and Brahmanas in various Mangala Gathas and Sutta.
2. Buddha himself had rejected Indra, Brahma and other deities.
3. Dr. Ambedkar have also rejected all these deities and gave 22 Pledges to his followers on 14th Oct. 1956 at Nagpur.
4. Bhukkhu-Sangha never bothered and objected this.
5. Our humble question is- 
Whether the praise of 'Devata',  'Indra', 'Brhma', including 'Brahmana'  should be continue in our various Mangala Gathas and Sutta ?

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