Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bare face of BJP in Bihar

Giving resignation, before going to floor, Manjhi has done a great thing. It seems, even BJP top Brasses were unknown about this. They want to make Tamasha of Indian democracy to defame the peoples of Bihar, what they are doing since long. On TV channels, BJP pravaktas were shamefully defending in the name of ‘Mahadalit’ . Had BJP and RSS been protected the Mahadalits, they would not have humiliated here and there.  SC, STs Girls and women are raped every day. Are not Hindu responsible for that?  Who are humiliating them? Muslims or Christians?
 Infact, Manjhi was totally unable to manage floor. That is why he gave resignation. Now, it’s Nitish duty to look after the interest of Mahadalits. He has sufficient time to do this job. And, I am sure he will do it. He has that caliber. In my view, he should take first step to hand over the management of the Mahabodhi temple to Buddhist for whom, they are fighting since long. It will be good start and also build up international pressure in his support.   

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