Friday, February 20, 2015

Guddu Marriage

Earlier, I had witnessed a inter-caste marriage. It was in Jabalpur. People were used to thought about the pro and cone of inter-caste marriage. I too had suspicion. But, witnessing that Jabalpur marriage, I realized that it may happened in a nice way.

The matter is pertain to how both the parties are convinced each other. It is time taking dialogue. Secondly, people now are educated. Parents think about their kids. They think, it is better to stand their side. Putting pressure on them is no more healthy solution.

Goddu, my younger sister Gopika Vaidye's son is residing in Bhopal since 12-13 year back. He is a professional Doctor. He has done BAMS and some Post graduation in this field. He was engaged since 8 to 10 years with a beautiful girl who is also in the same profession. But she is not his caste fellow.

I am residing in Bhopal since 2 and half years back. The matter was known to me. Guddu is my favorite boy since long when he was preparing for MBBS. I was impressed with his knowledge and way of study. Though, he has all the caliber in my views but,  he could not be get selected.

Secondly, his way of dealing is set a example. He manages things nicely. His delivery is descent. I saw closely it during his own younger sister's marriage. His father has pride over it.

When he briefed me about his marriage, I was in suspicion, how things shall happen ? But, he was confident. He told me there is no any reason to get worried. Other people told me that his girl friend is wise and mature. Their relation was since 8 to 10 years long. However girl's father is not so soft about this relation but she is firm to stand on her decision.

Looking to his marriage program me, he shifted in a bigger room in Karod side. That bigger Banglow has lot of rooms and space. Had this Banglow been not engaged, problem might be have there for guest accommodation and other programme's activities.

Guddu called his father and mother at Bhopal in due coarse of time and brought them to meet with his girl's parents. Both parents were agree to perform both side's customs and traditions as either sides guest and relatives will be present there.

The wedding date comes to nose i. e. on 12 Feb 2015. The Bride house is in BHEL premises. Our Barat comes on wedding gate at 8.30 PM. Bridegroom was on horse. He was appearing handsome and magnificent. Bride was came on the gate with her parents and other guests to welcome. Bridegroom came down and carried in wedding hall with due honor.

Meanwhile Parents of Bride called us to give them the bride-robe and other ornaments what bridegroom parents are like to give to their Bride. Customarily, this Bride robe and ornaments are expected to wear and put on by Bride at the time of wedding. It was a gracious moment. Mother, father and their close relatives were present there to witness that event.

In due course of time, the wedding process is started by Ven. Bhante who was already present on dais. Guest were taking dinner in parallel. All cuisines stales  were decorative and well arranged. Dinner items were delicious and so tasty that I too was busy to repeat.

On 10.30 PM wedding ceremony was  over as per Buddhist tradition. The Bride and Bridegroom were now on dais with heavy suits to acknowledge guest and relatives reception.They were coming one by one on dais having their best wishes to shower on Bride and  Bridegroom.

On next day morning, we went to bring Bride and Bridegroom. I was not familiar with this kind of Vidaai. But, it was heart touching. At 11.30 AM, we comes on Bride groom's door. There was also some traditional customs. We all were part of that. Then we took lunch.

On 14th Feb, there was programmme of visiting of Sanchi. This programmme is inspiring to others. People used to made huge amount of expenses on marriage.  But, to arrange such event is laudable. People remember this all the time. It is also the service to the society.  It is a gracious service to Dhamma.

In my younger daughter Prerana's marriage, I had arranged Mumbai Darashan to all guest. I had booked a bus and made opportunity to visit most important tourist places including Juhu beach and Chaity Bhoomi etc..

Similarly, during the marriage of my younger son Yeshwarya, I donated Lord Buddha statues and Dhamma scripture's books like Buddha and His Dhamma to all guests. During my elder son Rahul's marriage I had made programmme to visit Amarkantak.

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