Thursday, February 22, 2018

Sam Sand Dumes Jaisalmer

On the way, a Hotel cottage
Dune means a mound or ridge of sand formed by wind in a desert.  As many dunes are spread in the desert, that is Sand Dunes. And Sam, is a place where these Sand Dunes are exist.

Sam Sand Dunes Jaisalme is located approx. 40 km in outskirt of Jaisalmer.

Hesitation to ride
If you do not ride on a camel's back, you real miss all the fun that associates with it. You want to explore the vast Thar, you must pay the visit of Jaisalmer.

To ride camel is tha Jaisalmer's most popular tourist attraction. If you visit the Golden city Jaisalmer, then it is a must to enjoy this Desert Safari.

The best time for a camel safari is before sunset between 4 to 7 PM or before sunrise.

During these hours, you experience the best warmness of the local people and the sight is no less than carnival.

Notice the children and the camel persoonel clad in their traditional clothes.

The road  40 to 45 km long from Jaisalmer city, leading to Sam Sand Dunes is well maintained by the Indian Arm Force.

The Sand dunes of Jaisalmer is a rare desert area laying on the border of 'Jaisalmer Desert National Park'. There is a Jeep Safari also for your choice.

There is also an option of desert camping where you can stay in mud cottage or Swiss tents right next to the dunes.

During stay, enjoy special dance and music performance by the Rajsthan performer along with relishing vegetarian and non-vegetarian  delicacies.

Sam Sand dunes is one of the most authentic desert site in the whole India, where you will find 30 to 60 meter tall sand dunes.

In camps you can stay for evening or night. All these camps are hardly 20 to 30 minutes before the sun-set point.

A memory pic after welcome
The best time to visit Sam or even Jaisalmer is from Oct. to Feb. On add days, all the camps remains closed, camel person told me.

When you come on your choice camp's gate, you are welcomed with  Rajsthani tradition way beating Nangara and making Tilak on your forehead. Inside, leisure arrangement with 'alaav'( wooden fire) wait for you to relax.

Rajsthani Folk Dance
Camp inner view
Durung the performance, you can be part of Rajsthani foke dance to share the your enjoyment till night 9.30 PM. We had already booked Hotel in Jaisalmer and hence, there was no opportunity to stay further there.

What I have to say, personnel engaged for camel riding are always nearest villager. However, they are engaged by camel owners, but with little and insufficient money.

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