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A visit of public park:Amsterdam Bos

Amsterdamse Bos :A big public park

I never seen such a big and large public park having so multiple facilities and means of leisure.It has among other,several large water area,a long artificial rowing lake, several other lakes, a number of swimming pools, some of them small ideal for children and multiple sport facilitiesl.There is an artificial mountain with one slope let free for all kind of winter sports.
Amsterdamse Bos is a big public park, totally artificially created, on unused turf lands and wetlands just out of the city.It is today a real forest, but because it has been planned and arranged, it has many facilities created for sports and leisure. It is constructed in south-west of Amsterdam, between Amsterdam and Amstelveen, on the especially created polder 4 meters below the sea level.It spread about in 10 km2 area.Million and millions of people annually visit the park. .
With its 137 km of footpaths, 51 km of cycle paths and 50 bridges, the Amsterdamse Bos is one of the largest city parks of Europe. It contains 150 indigenous species of trees and over 200 species of birds
You may enter the park from several places however,there is main entrance 'Van Nijenrodeweg'.
You may walk in the Bos as in any other park, also on grass. For the joggers the park has a special trim route with some simple sports facilities as fences, horizontal bars, rings, balance beams etc.
There is an extensive network of foot-, cycle- and bridle paths in the Amsterdamse Bos. There are six marked routes for walkers (yellow signs). There is also a 14 km marked cycleroute (red signs). Bicyles can be hired at the main entrance. Canoes and pedal boats can be hired at the Grote Vijver.The fields are available to people for sunbathing, playing football or other sports.
Every saterday and sunday, from the 15th of april till the 15th of oct, a ferry runs from the northern side of the Bos across the Nieuwe Meer. The ferry will take you close to the pancake farm Boerderij Meerzicht or to the beaches on the other side of the lake the Nieuwe Meer. In summer the Museumtram travels along the eastern side of the Bos, from the Haarlemmermeerstation to Bovenkerk. During the one and a half hour tramride, on the most beautiful tramline of the Netherlands, you will not only enjoy travelling, but also enjoy the wonderful nature. The tram runs along the entire Amsterdam Bos. Get on and travel back in time. From may through to september an excursion boat chugs through the waterways of the Amsterdamse Bos.
Amsterdamse Bos is a perfect picnic area.There are free parking in many specified locations.
Amsterdamse Bos is on the south edge of the forest, on the Bosrandweg. It has good bus links to Amsterdam city centre. There are beautiful pitches for tents, caravans and campers.
It has some bungalows for rent. Restaurant and a café are there.
Visitors may enjoy biking rental basis.Two riding schools are located in the park, you may hire a horse for a pleasure riding in the park if you know horse riding.
You may spend a great day rowing along the canals amid the forests, or on an open space on one of the lakes. You can rent a canoe or a pedal boat.
There are two paddling pools for young children near the main entrance. There are modest playgrounds at both paddling pools. In July-Aug. there are evening performances in the Open-air theater on the Zonneweide.
Near De Amstelveense Poel lake.There is a special area set apart for the sunbathing without any clothes on. It is covered by tree grass land called Zonneweide.

The old electric tram line between Harlemmermeestation in Amsterdam and Amstelveen/Bovenkerk is serviced by the historical trams.It is a nice attraction for children..
If you like to observe low flying jumbo jets, take a walk into the park. Each minute you will see low flying huge planes from the nearby Amsterdam Schiphol airport, one of the biggest in Europe. They do not make much noise as they have to fly very slowly and the view is great.

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