Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dowry's mis-conception

“Daddy, jewelry and Tv, Fridge..what you placed in home need head, are unnecessary. It’s a dowry. I am totally opposed of it. Dowry is social evil.” –said a son on the eve of his own sister marriage.
"Son, I think, you have misconception about dowry. In fact, dowry is upper caste evil. It is no concern with our society. Dowry is purely upper caste’s problem. Bride burning, you wouldn't have seen in our society. Customary, it is a tradition to give nominal jewelry and some home needs in daughter’s marriage. This is solely parent’s pleasure, what they want to give." 
"....On the other hand, dowry is intentionally forceful act. It gives pressure on parents. Sometimes, this pressure comes up in form of suicide or hanging of father.Dowry is a tradition of upper castes."
 Dalits are basically enemy of upper caste and their tradition, their rituals and custom. We have anti-upper caste culture. In our society, man and woman are equal. We have no denigration towards our women part. Dowry means purchasing a Damaad. Our society have no this partiality. We have no ‘Tilak’ like custom.” – Father tried to clear his misconception.
“But, giving jewelry..Tv..Fridge are somehow part of dowry. And justifying it ? It is a sick mentality. I strongly  condemn this.”
“Okay my son !  Than why there should be huge decoration, DJ and heavy bride garments?  Dr. Ambedkar never asked our people to do so? Why our ‘educated lot’ have no hesitation to drains huge money on this head? How it is justified? And if this is fair, than how jewelry and home needs are unfair ?” –asked father.

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