Monday, November 19, 2012


Some people born what called "God gifted". They born with talent  They don't need support. They  goes high and high with their own (what they thinks). they earn paisa, prestige and huge property. But, there is law of cotradiction Its nature.Its law of nature.
Recently, what happened in Gurgaon, has made cold blood severing. One thing is clear, and that is who goes to accumulate the property and huge paisa, should think twicely for their hunger. Accumulation of property and paisa generates two enemies. One in competition market and other, in his own house. Enemy in competition market is open enemy and can deal properly if you have market talent. But, enemy in your own house is typical one. This enemy is very dangerous as he comes from your blood relation. In most cases, this enemy is your own brother. Since, he knows all loop holes, that is why he stands bitterly. You cannot deal your own brother so easy until you have mother like Anil Ambani.
We saw Pramod Mahajan murder case. He was sought dead by his own brother. By the way, he was sought in his home. And there were no their own security guards as in Ponti Chadda case.
People accumulate huge property and keeps security guards in person and at residence. These security guards may acts dangerously. They don’t know whose brother who is? They only know the safety of their owner.
Property and paisa brought luxuries. But, on what cost? If you deal things rightly than okay, otherwise….. That is why, Buddha said..right speech..right view…right livelihood…….. 

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