Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Solution is in identifying and, not hiding.

Solution is in identifying and, not hiding.

1. In Buddha time, there are many instances, when wrong interpretations were reported to Buddha himself by Bhikkhu-Sangha. Buddha called them and clarified his stand.

2. The wrong interpretation was continue as it was against the status quo(Brahmnism). 

3. They continued to pollute Buddha' Teaching. 

4. This infiltration called Ashoka to take stern action against thousand Bhikkhus.

5. During Sanskritization(Pali to Sanstrit), Brahmin Bhikkhus had a lot of scope to brahmanised them.

6. It was happen in India and other Buddhsit countries like Sinhaldeep, Myamar, Tibbat etc.

7. When thousand and thousand of Buddhist scriptures were being burn in Nalanda, Takkshasila etc Buddhist Universities by Muslim with brahmins kings/Panditas support,  these were being re-witten in near-by Buddhist countries with other Brhamin Bhikkhus.

8.  Dr. Ambedkar was very familiar with their conspiracy and, that is why he made all his effort to write 'Buddha & His Dhamma. However, his health was very bad.

9. Today, it is high time to make study of Ti-Pitaka with the line of Dr. Ambedkar's thought.

10. But our people are going to hide them. They feel shame to tell anybody, having their own Scriptures.

11. Our Scholars also do not discuss them, saying it will hurt their personnel image in their working field.

12. Brahmnism is a curse for our society. 

13. It is a cancer. 

14.  How can any cure keeping hiding it? It is killing our society. It is killing our body.

15. Whatever it be in our inner part of the body, we have to identified it. then, cure is possible.

16. We have Doctor. Dr. Babasahab is master of this surgery. 

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