Saturday, December 21, 2019

B Shyamsundar(1908- 1975)

B. Shyam Sunder founder of Bheem Sena was born on 21st dec. 1908 in an untouchable community in Jalna, dist. Aurangabad Ms. His father was B. Manikyam. Shyamsunder obtained his degree in political science and economics and Law from Osmnia University. As a student leader he was elected as a Senate member to Osmania University. He founded Hyderabad Young Men's Association, he was elected as the President of the Literary Society and he was also elected as president , student wing of the Depressed Classes Association. He was the Andhra Pradesh Swadeshi Leage General Secretary. He was the first and foremost to raise a banner of militant revolt against the Hindu Caste System in the entire Hederabad dominion. He founded Hyderabad Depressed Classes Association for the enlistment of oppressed, suppressed and depressed class people of the caste-based society. He launched a relentless crusade war against the caste system to liberate untouchables from the yoke of unsociability.
He was elected to Hyderabad Legislative Assembly and also served as Deputy Speaker. Shyamsunder was popularly known as Qaid-e-Azam of Fasth-e-kahome in the Nizam State and his entrance in the public life is a red-letter day in the history of supressed, oppressed and depressed class movement in the Nizam State. He founded BheemSena on 29 th April 1968 (name after Bheemrao Ambedkar) in Gulbarga. Like Periyar he was a fiery orator with excellent command over Marathi Urdu Hindi English and Kannad. He became dyputy speaker of the Hyderabad Assembly and was five years a member of the Karnataka Vidhan Sabha. He was jailed many times for his intemperate speeches.
He was also as the Chairman of an educational trust started by Nizam government known as "one Crore Rupee Educational Trust Fund in 1932 for educational needs and care of Untouchables. He supported Babasaheb Ambedkar for founding 'Peoples Education Society' by managing to provide Rs. 12 Lakhs from Trust of Nizam Govt. and also for land in Aurangabad for educational institution.
ShyamSunder was the first post independent India's untouchable leader who spoke at the United Nation's Security Council in sept 1948 about the practice of untouchability and the plight of untouchables. But on his return to India, he was kept under house arrest at Poona for nine months and later he was freed. This was the time when Indian Army attacked Hyderabad on 13 sept. 1948 and Nizam surrendered on 17 sept. 1948. He was the pioneer of Dalit - Muslim Unity. He was remained unmarried for fighting the cause of oppressed, suppressed and depressed people. He was perfect Buddhist disciple led a bachelors life, spent whatever he had for the cause of upliftment of untouchables. Slept where ever his people made arrangement and eat without mincing a word. He attained parinirvan on Buddha(Waishakh) Purnima on 19 th may 1975 at Hyderabad in his Sister's resident.
We all salute to this proficient dedicated committed warrior who fought for suffering people throughout his whole life.

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