Monday, December 24, 2012

Interesting Facebook chat

Interesting Facebook chat between me and a female Picker.

“Hi !!!”
“---------“. - I took no notice.
“Tum kya free nahin ho ?”
“Hello.” -I replied.” 
“Bhut busy ho kia tum ?”
“Not so.”- I said and asked formally- “H r u ?”
“I fine. kha rehte ho ?” asked from other side.
“S Block 31/42 Gurgaon.” – I said.
“Kia work karte ho ?” – Again come query.
”No work. Free.”- I replied.
“Why ?” Marriage nahin ki kia ?”
“I have 3 children.”
“Fir unko kesy khana khilate ho ?”
“I am retired Supt. Engr from MPSEB.”
“Theak. to ab tum gar par he rehte ho.” Kya like karte ho tum ?
“………….” -I was completely unable to understand the raised query.

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