Friday, September 7, 2018

Buddha rejected the Brahmani c Re-birth Theory

Did the Buddha believe in Rebirth ?
There are four elements;  Prithvi, Apa, Tej and, Vayu which go to compose the body. When human body is dies, these four elements joins the mass of the similar elements floating in the space. The possibility of elements of the dead man meeting together and forming a new body of the same sentient being is very less, however not impossible. Further more, when human body is dies; death has two aspect (i) cessation of production of energy and(ii) new addition to the stock of the floating general mass of energy.
In this perspective, the question arises. Is there possibility to take Rebirth by the same dead person ?  The answer is most improbable( Dr. B. R. Ambedkar: Buddha & His Dhamma, Page 330).

Buddha does not believe Brahmanic  Rebirth theory-
There is big confusion over Rebirth theory among Buddhist. Traditionally Buddhist belongs to Mahayan thought of School, seems to have believed Rebirth and Law of Karma theory. But, people belongs to Theravada thought of School too are not clear over this issue. However, in ‘The Buddha & His Dhamma’, Dr B. R. Ambedkar clearly stated that there in no Rebirth theory in Buddhism what Brahminic literature said.
Is there Rebirth ? Buddha was affirmative. But this is not in accordance to what Hindu and other religions believe. Buddha affirmative reply was in accordance to science. Buddha was not annihilistic. Because,  infact, after death, the basic four elements joins the mass of similar elements floating in space. Secondly, body goes to stop to produce further energy, and  whatever energy escaped from the body,  joins the floating mass of enegy in the space. Thirdly, Buddha was not also eternalist because he was against soul.
One who was against soul, how he can believe in Rebirth ? Buddha’ Law of Karma applied only to Karma and its effect on present life(Page 338; Did the Buddha believe in past Karma having effect on future life ? The Buddha & His Dhamma: Dr. B. R. Ambedkar).


  1. Thanks for the analytical post on this subject.

  2. oh this is ridiculous. Buddhism and Jainism first popularized rebirth doctrines, doctrines that are not found in the four Vedas.