Monday, November 12, 2012

Govt Duty

Parents should not have any expectation from their kids.- said son.
But, who should have care to them ? - asked father.
They should take care themselves. - said son.
Parents look-after their kids and give education hopping that they will look-after at their old age ? - said father.
No, It's their duty. Animals and birds do the same ? - said son.
Okay, but human being isn't animal. And, be a human being; he has some obligations towards his parents, family and society ?
No, man is a social animal. And, he has the same family life as animal have ? said son.
That means, parents should be left to die on their fate ? - Father raised the voice.
No, I don't mean that. If kids are in a position to take care then they should do. But, it shouldn't be an obligation on them.
If, it shouldn't be an obligation on them and if, parents are unable to take care in their old age, then ? asked father.
Then, it's Govt. duty to take care, as it going to happened in European countries. -replied son.

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