Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dirty Politics

Political party require huge fund. The corporate lobby backs this fund for their business interest. But, Mr. Kejariwal is going to exposes the very business between corporate lobby and political parties. It would be interesting to see Mr.  Kejariwal and his party how long will sustain ?
Any body donate money, expect return. How much and to what extent, you will donate? In fact, politics become dirty due to this donation. At present, you can’t fight election on line of what called ‘Harish Chandra’.
Mr. Kejarival and his Guru Anna Hazare are not capable to take the remedial measure. Because belonging to Brahamins caste, they don’t know the evils of caste. Being a custodian of Dharm-Sansad and crore of Muths, they don’t know what is going on inside of these ?  They don’t know the social evils as it will go against their caste favour.To form a political party is no solution. It is simply means to enter in the very dirty game.  
The solution is lies between our social values. Our social values are the main culprits. To adopt double standard in social values, our lot become having two faces. In ethics, we show something and in society we practice other. This is the main cause of our social denigration. It reflects here and there. Unless and until your social values not changed, you can’t get success.
Some people blamed on our democratic set up. No, our democratic set up is right. But, to flourish this, the earth soil i.e. right social values are important. Dr. Ambedkar has already warned this in Constitution Assembly.
It is a matter of regret, every body look towards politics and politician. No body want to see social movement. Ranade,  and other upper caste social reformers are badly failed on social movement front. It is because, owing to their caste interest, the custodian of Dharm-Sansad and crores of Muths/temples were not interested to back up these reformers.
In our country, caste interest is primary. Constitutionally,  untouchability is abolished. But, no touch on caste system. It is going to stronger day by day. Mr. Anna Hazare and his counter parts have no words against this.   

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