Sunday, July 24, 2011

Madness that open fire and kill 90 youths

On 22 July 11, a 32 aged Norwegian opens fire and kills 90 youth aged 12 to 18.
         As per news , the youths were gone on the tiny forest island where a annual summer camp was hosted for the youth wing of Norway's Labour rulling party.At about 600 young people were gathered there.It is said, the gunman wearing police uniform, went on shooting the youths who were attending their party summer camp.The youths scattered in panic and some jumped in the lake too to swim for the main land.
       However, the killer has been arrested quickly.He is suspected as right-wing Christian fundametalist.He was also charged for other bombing that killed seven people hours earlier.
       Here, it is to be noted that such type of madness is not a new thing in western countries.So many similar instances have been in past. What does such instances indicate ? why should be such thing ? What is the reason of this madness ? Why one gets ignite and open fire in such manner ? Killing of hundrends innocent ? How this madness ?   .....there are lot of questions required attention and debate.
          But first,let us salute to that little girl, who say- 'if one man show so much hate, think how much love we could show standing together'.

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