Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Vicky marriage

Marriage itself is a great event. It is a life's pleasant moment.
Daughter or son, you have to marry with some one.

Some people say,  it is a social responsibility. It is a nature's opportunity extending someone to become mother and father. However, it need not be necessary to marry with some one but to carry out the social responsibility, you have to marry with someone. 

Very rare people takes decision to not involve into this process. But, it is hard and tough decision. Among them, some sacrificed their these pleasant moments to social cause. They think, it is better way to serve people.

Here,  it is not the proper place to go in this thought. I will chose other place to comment on this topic further.

Vicky, elder son of my younger sister Kumud Bagade, who is an engineer in Microsoft working in Delhi, was engaged with Neha, an elder daughter of Mr D. R.Kamale Nagpur. Their wedding ceremony was on 2nd Feb 2015 at Nagpur.

Nag Bhavan(Circuit House) residing in civil line was our stay at Nagpur. The haldi program me was on 01-02-2015. On this day in first half, engagement ceremony was performed at bride residence, Dhariwal Lay-out, Ring Road Nagpur. It was hardly 6 to 7 Km away from our staying place.

Mr Satish Choure was the co-ordinate r. In fact, he is so gentle and well attentive personality that all things were going fine and in perfect way.

Vicky' friends 4 to 5 were came from Delhi. Their staying arrangement was done in a nearby Hotel. Looking to Delhi's friends and the eve of marriage occasion, Vicky had booked C.P. Club for entertainment.

At evening, we were assembled at that club. Indeed, it was funny and having full masty evening. All guests were singing and dancing together. The climate was so pleasant and happy. For some time, the bride was also came with her accompany. After passing some time, we took dinner there. It was descent and tasty.

On 2nd Feb, Barat processing was started at 7.15 PM from Nag Bhavan. Vicky was on Bagghi and we all were around him. The band party was time-bound. But, things were well and good.

At about 9.30 PM, Wedding ceremony was started. It was nice and magnificent. At about 10.30 PM we took dinner.

Now, it was Vidaai Day. So many guest got this opportunity to visit Diksha Bhoomi which is happen to be in route from our stay to bride residence, hardly 3 to 3 KM from Nag Bhavan.

On reaching Bhopal, there was also an opportunity of Sanchi Visit. I will discuss later.

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