Saturday, September 5, 2020

Idol worship

Idol worship-

1. Puja is a gesture of paying homage, usually raising the hands and palms together.
2. A Buddhist pays homage to the Stupa, the Bodhi Tree and the Buddha-Rupa (Images).
3. When a Buddhist offers flowers or lights a lamp and ponders over the supreme qualities of the Lord Buddha, he is not praying to any one.
4. These are not rites or rituals or acts of worship.
5. The flowers that soon fade, and the flame that die down, reflect him the impermanence(anicca) of all things in the universe.
6. That the offering of flowers, incense etc reflects the characteristics of Impermanence.
7. The images serves as objects of inspiration.
8. A Buddhist gains inspiration to emulate the qualities of his Master(Buddha).
9. Those who do not understand the significance of this simple offering hastily conclude it as idol worshiping which is incorrect.
10. Buddha categorically denied, the Idol worship.

(Ref. www. Vandana: Ven. Elgiriye Indaratana Maha

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