Sunday, May 12, 2019

Colonel Henry Steel Olcott; 14 Points Buddhist Belief

Colonel Henry Steel Olcott a janeudhari Buddhist, earlier Zionist Christian and founder of Theosophical Society of Lusifer Religion and mind control Illuminati under the Spiritual Conspiracy drafted 14 point Proposition of fundamental Buddhist beliefs in 1891 in Ceylon and sent it to many countries in various languages for teaching and spreads.

Since then Brahminical Buddhism spreads all over the world where thousands centers are working there for Mind Control using name of Spirituality, experience of Eternal Knowledge - The Enlightenment.
5. Sakya Muni taught that ignorance produce desire, the unsatisfied desire is the cause of rebirth and the rebirth , the cause of sorrow. To get rid of sorrow therefore, it is necessary to escape rebirth, to escape rebirth, it is necessary to extinguish desire, and to extinguish desire , it is necessary to destroy ignorance.
8. The desire to live being the cause of rebirth, when that is extinguished rebirths cease and the perfected individual attains by meditation that highest state of peace called Nirvana.
10. Right Meditation leads to spiritual enlightenment, or the development of that Buddha-like faculty which is latent in every man .
12. The universe is subject to as natural causation known as "Kamma" . The merits and demerits of a being in past existances determine his condition in the present one. Each man , therefore, has prepared the causes of the effects which he now experiences.
14. Buddhism discourages superstitious credulity. Gautam Buddha taught it to be the duty of a parent to have his child educated in science and literature. He also taught that no one should believe what is spoken by any sage, written in any book, or affirmed by tradition, unless it accord with reason.
Other all 9 points in brief are - tolerance, forbearance, peace, brotherly love without distinction, kindness, evolution of Universe not created by God, four Noble Truths, Eight Fold Path, shil- morality, to cease from all bad kamma, to get all good kamma virtue, to purify mind- reasoned mind(The Buddhist Catechism by Henry S. Olcott).

In India Rahul Sankrityayan, Anand Kaushalyaya and other unscientific scholars also accepted and preached this in their literature, yet Rahul Sankrityayan criticized Buddha's spiritulity. Only Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar- The Modern Buddha rejected all this spiritual philosophy , effects of past kamma, escape from rebirth , Nirvan by vipassana meditation, etc. and give us modern Buddhism, we call it 'Ambedkarite Buddhism' and rescued us from Brahminical Buddhism. We should kept ourselves away from TBMSG, Rajnish, Goenka's cult and never fall prey in their trap.

 - Anil Rangari

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