Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Pali and Unicode(2)

Unicode is a script through which you may put your thoughts on global platform. But still there is some shortfall which needed to overcome.
Every language has it's some special feature by which it is known. e. g. Sanskrit and Hindi have Halant and Visarg but, on the other hand, Pali do not has both. That means, if you have to write a set of half and full letter, you can write in Sanskrit/Hindi with or without use of Halant. But, in Pali, since, your are not permitted to use Halant, you can not write that set of half and full letter in Pali through Unicode,
Unicode is world wide script designed to transform words in write's own languages through typing Roman alphabets. This appreciated wonderful facility is with Hindi and Sanskrit writers too. But, unfortunetly it is not extended to Pali writes, the language of Lord Buddha.
Till yesterday, there were no Buddhist Scriptures in Pali. All they were in Roman. But now, they are available in Pali i. e. Nagari Lipi. Now-a days reading and writing in Pali is going on. The thoughts of Pali are also being exchanged to and fro Therefore, it is the need of the day to remove the above hindrance comes in mid way of Pali.
Do some one will come forward to take this chalange ? Will concern national/international authorities take notice of this please ? @amritlalukey.blogspot.com

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