Tuesday, November 17, 2020

How long, we defend Brahmin?

How long, we will defend Brahmin?

1. Brahmin is anti-Dalit.

Brahmin is anti-Bahujan.

Brahmin is against any change.

Why should he be praised ?

The time was gone, when they polluted Ti-Pitaka.

Now, it's time to check it.

2. There are so many instances in Ti-Pitaka, where Buddha,

categorically criticized Brahmin and rejected their social-religious values .

Dr. Baba Sahab Ambedkar also was very critical about their conspiracy.

He warn us giving 22 Pledges.

Why we should praises these 'Brahmin Devata' ?

3- Bahamian inserted their 'Brahmin' name in our routine life in various ways.

You can not live for a minute without their name.

Through routine chanting Gathas/suttas, you have to praise them.

You are conditioned to praise them.

4. Brahmin uprooted Buddhism from the very birth place of it.

But, our conditioned people still praise them !

To hide their head, they used to interpret its meaning in one and another way.

Whatever it's meaning, how long, we will defend them?

With Regard.

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