Friday, August 23, 2019

Be aware with the Vipassanavalas

Be aware with the Vipassanavalas 
Vipassana is not only killing Ambedkarism but it diluting Buddhism too. Vipassanavalas tell the people that, after Vipassana, mind functioning changed completely to think/work. Yes, true, mind functioning changed completely; not to react, not to agitate, not to have concern dalit problems, no means to boiling topics.....! Why should be up-set on these Kav-Kav ? Be aware with these Vipassanavalas. 
Vipassana is no concern with Lord Buddha, no matter with Mahayana or Hinyana. There is no basic of Vipassana with Buddha teaching. May be it foreign hypnotizing/healing concept/Technic prevalent in that countries during Buddhism rise. It is well known that when Buddhism was spread abroad, it was badly got mixed with Vajrayaan/Tantrayaana of Mahayana thought of School.

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