Monday, August 10, 2020


Hon. Sarswati Ashoke Bodhi; the President of Buddha Vihar Samnvaya Samiti (Buddha Viharas co-ordination Organisation) HQ Nagpur, has raised a peculiar question, the 'Vinay'(Bhikkhu/Bhikkhuni Rule) of three months staying at Buddha-Vihara during rainy season(Varsa-Vas), as is continue since Buddha time, is still meaningful today as there is no such scarcity of roads/ transportation etc. in presently ?

We do agree with our Hon. Member's concern and request to Bhikkhu/Bhikkhuni Sangha to make necessary amendment/change in Vinaya as Dhamma(including Vinaya) is for crossing the river and not for carrying on head, as Buddha Said in Algaddupama sutta(MN). Rigidity

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