Saturday, August 1, 2020

A Call to restate Pali-

A Call to restate Pali-
Hon. Dhamma Brothers,
1. We, Buddhists, live in different parts/states, do believe to restate the Pali,  Buddha' Teaching Language as it was people language in Buddha' time around Magadha and its surroundings  and,  National language in Asoka time in this vast Asian continent called Jambudiipo.
2. We, Buddhists do, take oath to carry out its en-richness in people's talk/voices and their literature.
3. We, Buddhists do, take oath to learn 50 to 100 daily use phrases/sentences and try to use them during friendly conversation.
4.  We, Buddhists do, by this way, take oath to ask the census authorities to write and include this as a additional language/mother tongue during coming census.
5.  We, Buddhists believe that by this method,  we can put the pressure to include the Pali language in 8th schedule of Indian constitution. 

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