Saturday, October 3, 2020

Dhammalipi in Unicode ?

Dhammalipi in Unicode ?

Salute to our Tribes brothers who were working hard, day and night to put Gondilipi in Unicode.

Hardly 10 years ago, there were no Gondi Alphabets. Peoples belongs to Gond Tribes used to speak Gondi language in there homes only. But, Caste Identity is badly experienced by our these Caste fellows and they worked/ made research hardly in this direction. They not only made alphabet of Gondi language but developed their Gondilipi also.

Now, this is another achievement. We Salute them, and their cultural identity's sense.

But, at the same time, what's going on with Pali ? The Buddha's language ? The ancient National language at the time of the Great Ashoka ? The language, is being spoken in more than 16 Buddhist countries during their religious cause ?

Still, there is no Unicode Translation. You can not write it in Unicode ? You can not write Dhammalipi in Unicode. However, there is facility to write on specific Fonts. But, you can not write it on Facebook and other social media platforms.? Copy-paste is no solution. Until and unless, we would not be have able to write Pali and it's Lipi(Dhammalipi) in social media groups, we can not made it spoken easy and people language/Lipi.

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