Sunday, March 17, 2019

Pali and Unicode(1)

Pali is a language. It was a language of Lord Buddha. Ti-Pitaka, a thousands sets of Dhamm-Granthas(Buddhist religious Books) are in Pali.Buddhist monks and scholars used to delivers their Dhamma-desana (religios speeches) in Pali.

 At the time of great Ashoka, it was our nation's language. All His Dhamma-massages/ public addresses are in Pali. Pali has it's own Lipi, and this is Dhamma-Lipi.

Indian government feels good to put Lord Buddha statue on their reception desk,. And therefore, it's government duty to protect Pali, the language of it's pride. In fact, Pali is our ancient language, inherited property. It needs to protect. 

We should salute to that Buddhist Scholar Ashvghosha, who brought it from Sinhaldveep.
But, today, what is the fate of Pali in this Buddhist land ? Is it safe and going to preserve by  teaching in universities and collages, as other languages ? Thousands and thousands crore rupees are going to spent on others languages, but is one rupees there to teach Pali in school's kids ?

Even today, you can not write Pali, as Unicode have no such transformation. In Pali, there is no Halant and visarg. But during transformation script, a joint letter without Halant(a set of half and full letters without Halant) automatically come with Halant. This shortfall needs to overcome. Will concern international authorities take notice of this at least please ? - 

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