Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Scholar Sage

The Scholar Sage
Despite ill health, Dr Ambedkar was making the best of the situation, He would sit for hours together, writing his table. On a Saturday in March 1956 he asked Rattu to came early the next morning. It seems he was writing the preface and the introduction to the book which he had completed in Feb. 1956.
Rattu came as instructed to his master's residence. But he was surprised to see that Babasaheb was still in writing, seated in the same chair which he had occupied the previous night.  For nearly five minutes he stood by his chair, still his master remained deeply engrossed in his work, In order to attract his attention Rattu then displaced some books on his table. At this, Ambedkar raised his head and said- "You had not gone yet ?"
Sir! I spent the Saturday night at home. And now, it is Sunday morning and so I came to begins work early."
"I thought you were still here and not gone home. I did not know the day had dawned. I kept writing and did not move, " said the scholar sage(Source- Dhannanjay Keer: Dr Ambedkar, Life and Mission).

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