Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Bhangi

Following the Commandant of their Saviour; Dr Ambedkar, The Mahars of Maharashtra today, no longer perform their traditional duties. But similar degrading filthy and dang ours caste 'duties'  continue to exist throughout India, most notably the cleaning of latrines and sewers by the caste known as Bhangi.
The greatest shame of India today is the public unwillingness to do away with this degrading task and its assignment to specific birth defined groups in society. Humans born in a particular caste are still enslaved to excrement in villages where it is a 'private' matter in modern incorporated cities which continue to relay on human removal of sewage, in the railway financed by government and finally in pilgrimage places, such as Kumbh Mela and the Varkari pilgrimage at Pandharpur where crore of rupees which are donated for pilgrims by state and center government fail to provide for any modern toilet facilities(Gail Omvet: Preface: Poisoned Bread).

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